Rebel droids with split personalities


A Q-droid is a droid modified to have secret or covert functions. The most common, and thus used by the Rebel Alliance, is to allow the droid to alter its own memory under certain circumstances.

A Q-droid sacrifices 1D of the 13D of skills allowed a starting droid PC for the ability to switch how its memory dice are allotted. This is a Very Easy Perception roll for the droid to switch its memories or memory dice. The droid can attempt the switch as often as it needs to unless it is stopped.

The droid may be consciously or subconsciously aware of the conditions for switching. If aware, it can use its discretion as to whether to trigger a change. If ordered to strictly obey transition triggers, it will do so without question.

If required, the droid can actually delete its memory rather than repress it. If deleted, the data is unrecoverable, even by the Q-droid.

A depowered Q-droid can be analyzed for secret memory configurations with a Difficult Computer Programming roll (inevitable given enough time). Attempting to interrogate an aware and informed Q-droid will usually result in it deleting it secret data and configurations.


Since its inception, the Rebel Alliance has often modified droid for covert missions. But lately the Empire has become very good at detecting crude mechanical alterations.

The Rebels eventually decided that memory alterations were the best route to take.

The most common alteration is the ability to switch from a typical obsequious droid to committed Rebel operatives. When operation covertly, a Q-droid can override any inhibitions about opposing the living, including violence. In practice, a Q-droid will still use violence as a last resort. Droids don’t have as strong a survival instinct as the living and a built-in drive to serve the living. This has been very hard for Rebel Intelligence to overcome and is generally considered a bad idea anyway.


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