The Aluminium Falcons

Rebel Millennium Falcon knockoffs


The Stats for an Aluminium Falcon are the exact same as the Millennium Falcon with the exception of a slow hyperdrive multiplier. Some Aluminium Falcons use the passenger carrier deck plans.

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With General Solo’s permission, the Rebel Alliance has initiated a plan to confound the Empire. The ‘years of special modifications’ Solo has made to the Millennium Falcon have been discreetly leaked to the Galaxy at large.

Many ship crews have applied the modifications to their own YT-1300 stock light freighters. This had led to the Galaxy now having literally millions of souped-up spaceships, all of which is optimized for covert missions within the Empire. Fewer than one-in-a-million Aluminium Falcons are actually Rebel infiltration teams and the Empire is tying themselves in knots trying to figure out exactly which is which.

After a mission, an Aluminium Falcon’s appearance, identity and transponder is easily modified so Imperial records are less effective. Differing floor plans and configurations work well with the enhancements.

The Rebel Alliance tends to use hidden spaces within the ships for smuggling and a bacta tank and medical droid are installed aboard the ship to give their officers the best chance of survival. This is an exceedingly common modification and is not particularly suspicious.

The only real flaw with the Aluminium Falcons is that they do not have their inspiration’s famed speed. This is partly to keep the modification secret but also because the improved hyperdrive’s repair schedule is beyond all but the most skilled technicians.

The Aluminium Falcons

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