The Rebel Alliance

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Alliance HQ is centered on the Alliance free world of T’ill (named after a flower of Alderaan). T’ill is ‘too far away to make an effective demonstration’ so the Empire has made its destruction a low priority.

T’ill’s distance also makes it difficult for Alliance Central Command to coordinate Rebel activity close to the Empire. For operations near Imperial territory, the Rebel have a series of fleets centered around bases. Echo Base, in the Hoth system, has recently been overrun by the Empire. Bravo Base, in another galactic sector, is the home base of the PCs.

Bravo Base:

Bravo Base is a inhabited asteroid casually referred to as the ‘Chunk.’ The Chunk was originally a source of high-grade ore orbiting too close to a star about to go nova. The Chunk was fitted with emergency hyperdrive engines and jumped out of danger. The drives were added as the asteroid would not have been able to be fully mined before nova.

Eventually the ore was spent and the asteroid sold to an Alliance front. Its hyperdrives work like a x10 backup and are used only in an emergency. Chunk is rated to hold out against an Imperial Star Destroyer before jumping. Against a stronger force, Chunk will go down fighting.

Chunk is big enough to hold a few capital ships in its hangers. It is also large enough to allow Rebel crew some space of their own to customize. It is the closest thing to home the Rebels are likely to know until the war ends.

The Rebel Alliance

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