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Welcome to a very slowly-developing campaign for Star Wars. You are welcome to whatever you can find here when it finally shows up.

Here’s the basics:

Star Wars D6 is, in my opinion, perhaps the easiest and quickest set of RPG rules out there. The Star Wars setting is one of the most familiar and popular settings ever set to a RPG. I can’t think of better game for beginners or a simpler system for a spontaneous and casual game.

The specific version of the rules would be the Second Edition, Revised ruleset with its very few cracks fixed by the later D6 Space and D6 Spaceships evolution of the D6 rules.

The specific era of the game would be between Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) and Episode VI (Return of the Jedi). This is different from the typical Star Wars game which is set just after Episode IV (A New Hope). I like the post-Empire Strikes Back time. Things are even more bleak. The Empire has chased them off of their main base. The Rebellion is a scattered fleet trying to survive. Is it any wonder they would fall for the trap at Endor.

As for what is canon; all the movies, then all the shows, then whatever parts of the EU (Extended Universe) which don’t contradict filmed canon or particularly upset game balance (there is a wide range of quality in the EU, fan fiction and speculation.

So in the year between Episode V (Empire) and Episode VI (Jedi)…

Star wars galaxy map


Here the state of the Galaxy in brief:

  • A sizable portion of the Galaxy near the rim is unexplored. Given the current state of War, exploration has been curtailed except for purely military objectives. No major spacefaring powers (those capable of hyperspace travel) have been discovered there and none are really expected to be.
  • Of the explored Galaxy, the Empire is by far the largest in terms of population, resources and coordination.
  • At a distant second to the Empire, the worlds of the Rebel Alliance cluster away from the Galaxy’s core. Generally of low strategic value, the Alliance World’s open rebellion is ignored by the Empire for the time being.
  • Finally, there are countless lesser powers, ranging from pocket democracies to outright crime syndicates finally down to individual settlements.

The Empire in brief:

  • The Tarkin Doctrine set forth a galaxy maintained by regional governors (all under the Emperor, of course) and enforced by the use of the Death Star. With the destruction of the Death Star, this doctrine has been amended somewhat.
  • The Regional Governors, or Moffs, have great latitude in how to enforce the Emperor’s will, plus generous Imperial military might to ensure compliance. But the Emperor expects results and he is not a forgiving man.
  • It is expected by the Rebel Alliance that another Death Star will be required to maintain tight control over the Galaxy.
  • In the meantime, the Empire has put out a priority on hunting Jedi Knights or anyone suspected of being ‘strong in the Force.’ Citizens are rewarded for reporting on such individuals and punished for hiding them. Force-sensitives are given a simple choice when discovered, join the Empire or die. Special teams of Imperial Intelligence have been made specifically to find Jedis. These teams are headed by Sith Lords.

The Rebel Alliance in brief:

  • The Rebel Alliance is punch drunk and reacting to the Empire’s initiatives at this time.
  • The Rebels are trying to find Force-sensitive individuals before the Empire does although this project is underfunded and understaffed.
  • The Rebels are having some success with covert action teams using cover identities deep behind enemy lines.

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